February 5, 2009

Americans feel for Phelps

Per the Associated Press, food company Kellogg has decided it will not renew its contract with Olympic swimming star Michael Phelps as a result of his acknowledgment of smoking marijuana last fall.

The vast majority of American twitterers to give their initial reaction sympathized with Phelps, who won eight gold medals at the Beijing Games.

@thelonebeader (Quincy, Mass.): According to ExtraTV, smoking pot is 'a drug scandal'. The media should leave Phelps alone. :/

@spanktar (San Francisco, Calif.): Oh give me a break Kellogg's (re: dropping Phelps). Your Puritanical/holier than thou attitude sucks. People smoke pot. Often. Lots of them.

@JenniferAZPR (Phoenix, Ariz.): @beverlykidd I think Phelps should be able to compete. Look at the rest of our "professional" athletes. They are worse

@haileybadger (Seattle, Wash.): So I still like Michael Phelps, sue me.

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