February 6, 2009

Parts of China in state of emergency

Per China Daily, the Chinese government "raised the drought emergency alert level Thursday from orange to red, the highest level, in response to the worst drought to hit some parts of the country in half a century, according to a State Council meeting." The move allows for additional funding for those affected by the crisis.

The emergency declaration caught @SophiaZ by surprise.

@SophiaZ (Tianjin, China): I didn't think drought was overnight so why suddenly an emergency? Not a meteorologist! http://tinyurl.com/cbaj2u

@sonnypearl proposed one theory for the odd weather.

@sonnypearl (Beijing, China): It is mostly drought in the northern part of china. Could it possible be interfered by the prevention of rain during the Olympics?

Another Beijing man noted some troubling statistics.

@rjepson (Beijing, China): Beijing 100 consecutive days without rain. Drought gripping the nations' winter grain stock, yields down 20%.

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