March 8, 2009

U.S. wants to talk with Taliban

Per New York Times, U.S. President Barack Obama wants to talk with moderate elements of the Taliban. Voice of America says the proposed new strategy comes after a realization the U.S. is not winning its war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. According to the Boston Herald, President Obama thinks the situation in Afghanistan is more complex than the situation in Iraq with regard to engaging enemy forces in dialogue.

Here's a snapshot of early Twitter reaction from North America, which seemed negative towards the idea:

@BruntonWells (Cleveland, USA) Agree in talking to other nations to try to settle issues if it makes sense. But Obama wants to talk to "Moderate Taliban." There are none.

@delmer (Arizona, USA) Obama says he will talk w/"moderate" Taliban. Whats that? Taliban that only believes in "moderate" (forced) female circumcision?

@Bighit15 (Florida, USA) What the hell is a Taliban moderate? Are they the ones who don't beat their women? Have American women been fitted for their abaya?

@michaelbyrns (Ontario, Canada) IT appears likely that Obama intends to lower the relationship with Britain, and now wants to improve it with the Taliban. http://tinyurl ...

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