March 8, 2009

Soldiers killed in Northern Ireland terror attack

Per Irish Times, two British soldiers have been killed after a gun attack at their barracks in Northern Ireland. BBC Northern Ireland reports the attack is likely an attempt by dissident republicans to wreck the province's peace process. It's been 12 years since the last British soldier was killed in a terror attack in Northern Ireland.

@MTMcNicholl (Northern Ireland) drama..spent evening watching out mamys window 4 gunmen on the run after attack at #antrim, police thought they wer headin 4 mountshalgus!

@Yellachinook (Northern Ireland) RT @cimota: Anyone who doesn't condemn the killings in Antrim is no friend of Ireland. Hear hear!

@minipaws (Dublin, Ireland) shocked 2 hear of murder of british soldiers in antrim. gunmen arent republicans.theyre criminals trying to set our island back 20yrs.

@Joannemurphy9 (Belfast, Northern Ireland) Appalling attack in Antrim. Can't believe we are back to this crap. So sad.

@Amolta (Belfast, Northern Ireland) No response from Sinn Fein yet. Nolan on 5 Live has been trying to get a comment. Nada. #antrim

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