March 8, 2009

Cyclone Hamish threatens Australian coast

The live radar version of this picture is compulsive viewing, and you can see it here.

Per ABC News, large parts of Australia's Queensland coast are bracing for Cyclone Hamish. Up to 10,000 residents in one town have been told to consider evacuating.

Here's how Twitterers in the cyclone's path are tracking Hamish's progress:

@fraser_coast (Fraser Coast, Australia) Batten down - severe tropical cyclone Hamish is on our doorstep and threatens to bring gale force winds and heavy

@fraser_coast is also posting other tweets on the preparations for Cyclone Hamish

@brucerchapman (Sunshine Coast, Australia) ah crap we've been placed on tropical cyclone watch. Category 4 cyclone 'Hamish' headed straight for my house @

@RobertHoge (Brisbane, Australia) Relatively quiet night working in the corridors of power. Cyclone Hamish seems to be quietening down. Fingers crossed.

@zendainc Sleeping through tropical cyclone hamish. Your not so tough are ya?

@33driver (Hawthorne, Australia) Get out while u can ppl, harvey bay is not where I'd be when Hamish hits!

@philliprsmith (Brisbane, Australia) Arrived in Bundaberg chasing TC Hamish for ABC Radio. Into Hervey Bay tomorrow.

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