March 8, 2009

International Women's Day

March 8th is International Women's Day, and news sources round the globe are marking the date with diverse reporting on women's issues.
China's Xinhua News, has a feature on the everyday lives of women in Gaza. Voice of America reports on a women's conference in Liberia, while the Jamaica Observer looks at the roles of several high-profile women in Jamaican society.

Here's how women in the Twitterverse are spending their day on 8th March:

@WelshTart (Manchester, England) On my way to Manchester Town Hall 2 celebrate International Womens Day - here come the girls....

@SuzeMuse (Ottawa, Canada) Just saw a flock of geese fly over. And with that, Spring has arrived. Still Had to scrape my windows this morning. Oh, Canada. :)

@kse_ (St. Petersburg, Russia) I would like to wish every female on twitter a Happy International Womens Day!

@laurakendrick (Incheon, South Korea) I'm bleaching my roots... Big piles of happiness :D

@ExMi (Johannesburg, South Africa) My kid is learning more and more new words every day. He's so funny and so smart. *this* is why i love being a mommy.

@brevity (Manila, Philippines) Sittin beside the UST field. Guy stops dead infront, takes a portrait of me & walks on. Hoping he shot in P mode & RAW.

You can read more about International Women's Day at the official website. Photo website Flickr also has thousands of photographs tagged with "international women's day" to browse.

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