May 13, 2009

Obama changes mind: Opposes POW abuse photos

Per USA Today, United States President Barack Obama has decided that he is now against the release of photos detailing alleged abuse of prisoners of war in Afghanistan and Iraq. According to Pentagon spokesperson Geoff Morrell, some military commanders have raised concerns that releasing said images could aid al-Qaeda in their propaganda efforts.

The 44 images in question were part of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and are slated to be released to the public on May 28th.  

Early Twitterverse reaction appears to be in favor of President Obama's switched view on the issue:

  1. Beacon Of Light
    BeaconOfLight (Unlisted location) Obama finally realized release of pictures would put US soldiers in danger. Da, 4 as smart as he is supposed 2 B, it took him long enough. 
  2. Jamey Falkenbury
    Jamey_F (Unlisted location) Wow Obama... You actually are thinking and not releasing pictures.. Finally good job 
  3. Maureen Johnson
    MoBrain (Unlisted location ) Just heard Obama is blocking the pictures of "torture" under Bush Admin. I'm suspicious. Maybe Cheney hit a nerve! 
  4. Darren Ehlers
    ehlersd (Texas) RT @texaszman: LOL! Obama Reverses Course, NOW opposes release of Prison Pictures! Wait! Which way is the Wind Blowing?? 
  5. Tom Murphy
    MSGTAM (Woodland, WA) Sitting here thinking that President Obama made a great decision in not releasing the interrogation pictures. 

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