March 12, 2009

Vigils held in Northern Ireland

Per Belfast Telegraph, thousands of people in Northern Ireland took to the streets to participate in peaceful vigils, condemning the recent murders of two British Officers and a Constable by IRA dissidents this past Saturday and Monday.

Several people who attended the vigils tweeted about the experience.

@Leib13: (Belfast) Was glad to be at the peace vigil outside City Hall in Belfast today. Good to see so many people wanting an end to this insanity.

@sharp_words: (Northern Ireland) Just back in office after attending peace vigil in Belfast, 1000s there, good show of solidarity.

@mandyjcollie: (Portadown, Northern Ireland) Just come back after attending the silent vigil at Belfast City Hall for the 3 men shot this week - heartbreaking

@TONUSPEREGRINUS (Belfast): Just been to pretty amazing vigil. Thousands of ppl standing for 5min in silence very moving.

@florabell (Belfast): very proud to stand beside all sectors of the community at the protest. very sad when a lone piper played 'abide with me'

Some users posted TwitPics from the scene.

@GiantBushman: Some of the crowds at the peace rally.

@peterkerr: #silentprotest #belfast

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