March 12, 2009

Iraqi journalist who threw shoes at Bush sentenced to three years

Per the International Herald Tribune, the Iraqi journalist who caused a stir after throwing his shoes at then President George W. Bush in December was sentenced to three years in prison.

The Christian Science Monitor described the situation as, "1 angry Iraqi journalist + 2 flying shoes = 3 years in jail."

Twitterers around the world threw up their own comments after the verdict was announced.

@salam (Baghdad, Iraq): ..alert to all shoe throwers.. hide your shoes! 3yrs jail for attacking Bush with shoe, and missing!..

@andrespencer (Aveiro, Portugal): If you're Iraqi, don't take your shoes off.

@TheStory (Canada): Iraqi journalist who threw shoes at former U.S. President George W. Bush sentenced to 3 years... A bit harsh don't ya think, he missed

@minda31180 (Oklahoma): I'm sorry, but in my opinion, the Iraqi reporter that threw his shoes at former Pres. Bush does NOT deserve 3 years in prison.

@sixwheeler (Great Britain): A pox on the Iraqi judges who sentenced Muntadhar al-Zeidi to three years for throwing shoes at George W Bush. Craven cowards!

@Ayodele05: 3 years jail for the Iraqi journo who threw his shoes at Prez Bush. Too harsh. Hope his lawyers appeal. Was his act 'freedom of speech'?

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