March 12, 2009

Soccer coach accused of punching fan

Per, Inter Milan soccer coach Jose Mourinho is being investigated for allegedly assaulting a fan after his team's 2-0 loss to Manchester United in the Champions League tournament late Wednesday in England.

Mourinho's bosses acted swiftly in denying the allegations.

Mourinho is well known in soccer circles for his flamboyance. Great Britain's Telegraph colorfully describes coaches such as Mourinho as "too bright, too beautiful, too brilliant for their own good. They gorge on their own gravity and then they are gone."

Twitterers around the globe who love their soccer reacted to the news about Mourinho.

@supersonicstl (St. Louis, Mo): Jose Mourinho makes takes one final shot on way out of Champions League...

@AndrewBucholtz (Kingston, Ontario): Jose Mourinho under investigation for assault; some people really can't lose gracefully!

@cduncan86 (London): Jose Mourinho - what a hero.

@wmager (London): Jose Mourinho's not the messiah, he's just a naughty boy...

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