March 12, 2009

Amsterdam averts terror attack, concert cancelled

Per, bomb threats of a terrorist nature toward stores in south-east Amsterdam today put the area in lockdown.

Police had detained "a number of suspects in connection with the threats" and a concert by The Killers at nearby Heineken Music Hall was cancelled as a precaution, according to the article.

One twitterer posted a TwitPic of an apparent suspect being detained near Amsterdam Arena shortly after the bomb threat became public.

@retecool: - Na de bommelding bij de Amsterdam ArenA / Arenaboulevard hield de politie zojuist deze man aan in zuidoost. (After the bomb threat at the Amsterdam ArenA / Arena Boulevard was just the man the police in south-east.)

Another posted a picture of a crowd in front of the Heineken Music Hall as people waited to hear if The Killers concert would go on or not.

@florisd: Wachten voor een dichte HMH... Zou het doorgaan? (Waiting for a dense HMH... Would it continue?)

Some could not help mentioning the irony in the threat and the name of the band whose concert was cancelled as a result.

@iskandr (Silodam, Amsterdam, Netherlands): Is het toevallig dat er een concert van The Killers was vanavond daar? (Is it coincidence that a concert of The Killers was there tonight?)

@freijn (Purmerend, Netherlands): #arenaboulevard is toch geen slecht grap he ? concert killers -> bommelding ? publiciteits stunt ? (#arenaboulevard is not a bad joke, huh? killers concert -> bomb threat? publicity stunt?)

Not long after the threats became public, rumors flew on Twitter.

@Sannie73 (Amsterdam, Netherlands): HMH's clear. The Killers WILL be performing tonight. (unfortunately I wasn't aware Louis XIV were opening... I LOVE them)

@FlorisD (Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands): Flying to HMH for The Killers! Hope it continues ... There will be pressure in the train, because car is not recommended.

The news had at least one twitterer particularly upset.

@benvds (Geldrop, Netherlands): Concert of The Killers got canceled due to a bomb threat. Mother*%#

Several tweets noted that the concert has been rescheduled for May 29.

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