March 13, 2009

China expands use of renewable energy

Per China Daily, China plans to construct two hydropower stations and two wind farms in an effort to boost sources of renewable energy.

Twitter users added context, shared emotions, and relayed facts and figures on the environmental plans.

@teddyacuna (Portland, Ore.): at Beijing, meeting with Goldman Sacks renewable energy department in regards to Carbon trading in China and possibly in LatAm

@ArupPeterHead: Reflecting on passion I found in China to be self sufficient in energy AND grow transport services AND have low emissions. UK is way behind.

@hlbiotech: (Berlin, Germany): GREENTECH: Renewable-energy investments jumped 91%in 2007 in China and India expects add 6 gigawatts of wind power between 2007 and 2012.

@VerdantHFC: (Chicago/Kansas City) China's green revolution: Prioritizing technologies to achieve energy and environmental sustainability

@eschlaik (Washington, D.C.) Extra, extra! New China environment blog: "New Energy and Environment Digest 新能源与环保参考" Welcome E.Balkan!

@greenbang: Biomass energy could fuel 1/3 of rural China: Biomass energy could meet about one-third of rural China’s e..

@poiesis (Taipei, Taiwan): RT @WWF_Climate: China will speed up energy-saving measures. Leaders promise to make every effort to save energy - CC

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