March 12, 2009

Massive sandstorm blasts Riyadh

Per Arab News, "A severe sandstorm lashed Riyadh yesterday, spreading an orange-color blanket of dust that led to over 70 road accidents, traffic snarls and cancellation of scheduled luncheon parties."

Twitter users in the capital of Saudi Arabia were highly active during the storm, giving a flavor of the experience.

Some posted TwitPics of the event.

@adriang (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia): - There is a massive sandstorm in Riyadh

@khaled (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia): Ok.. This sandstorm over Riyadh just reached here... #Saudi #weather

Others relayed personal accounts and various reports.

@chikom (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia): back in office, sandstorm was hell on car & nerves

@chikom (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia): daughter : my teacher said the sandstorm will last 3 days !

@mutairy (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia): HOLLY [expletive]! .. more than 73 accidents so far in #Riyadh !! the police started waving people off major roads! because of all the dust!

@mutairy (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia): hospitals in riyadh are overloaded after the dust mega storm, i told my family to duct tape the windows

@molozonide (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia): sky turning orange / dust and dust and dust and dust / sandstorm in riyadh

@wilbur101 (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia): in the middle of the biggest sandstorm in riyadh i've ever seen. the saudis are agreeing. this is how a bad day on Mars would look like.

After posting a picture himself, @khaled linked to a news organization that compiled a round-up of photos from the event.

@khaled (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia): After today's sandstom, , rain comes :)

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