March 11, 2009

Man survives Niagara Falls plunge

Per the Buffalo News, a man who jumped into the Niagara River and subsequently fell over a Canadian part of Niagara Falls survived the plunge and was rescued after spending more than 40 minutes below the falls in ice-cold water.

Some Niagara Falls natives kept tabs on the developments from their new homes.

@laurapasquini (Dallas, Texas): Who says that nothing exciting/strange happens in my hometown of Niagara Falls?:

@lyndseo (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada): Another person goes over Niagara Falls. Well, I suppose it's good for the economy for my home town.

Those not far from the Falls were quick to share their reactions.

@denidzo (Buffalo, N.Y.): wonders why people still jump the Falls.

@chrisboutet (Toronto, Ontario, Canada): Man survives leap over Niagara Falls; Only third person on record to survive plunge

Other North Americans were quick to tweet their thoughts on the news.

@IDLaser (Redding, Calif.): dude i guess some guy went over Niagara Falls and Lived!!!

@JessLeeSzat (Philadelpha, Pa.): Someone went over niagara falls today. They are still trying to decide if he is crazy or not.

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