March 11, 2009

Iraq ex-regime members sentenced

Per BBC Arabic, former Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq Tariq Aziz has been sentenced to 15 years in prison, for his part in the execution of 42 men.

The United Arab Emirates Khaleej Times reports that in the same ruling Ali Hassan al-Majid (aka Chemical Ali) and two other men were sentenced to death for their parts in the murders, which happened in 1992.

@APNewsAlert Former Saddam Hussein aides Tariq Aziz and 'Chemical Ali' get 15 years in jail for executions.

@afahad (Syria) I will never forget the fierce fight Tariq Aziz put up about WMD's prior to the invasion, this is a US Vendetta we will not forget easily

@afahad I loath the international society for this Tariq Aziz has serious health issues, and cannot be tried under occupation

@markhillary (London, England) Interesting to see Tariq Aziz going down for 15 years. Considering the trial involved 42 murders I wonder why he didn't get a capital trial?

@heidirettig (Oregon, USA) I kind of feel like Tariq Aziz could spent more than 15 years in prison for executing 45 people.

@bigaone22 (Trinidad, West Indies) What a lucky man, This Tariq Aziz, spared from the Gallows...

@Jojopong (Silicon Valley, USA) Great court ruling against Tariq Aziz for 15 years in prison in Iraq... you cannot be killing people and get away with it.

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