March 11, 2009

Multiple deaths in German school shooting

UPDATE> Per Deutsche Well, the death toll now stands at 15 people killed, plus the gunman.

Per Der Spiegel, at least nine people are dead after a shooting at a secondary school near Stuttgart. Germany's Sueddeutsche newspaper reports a gunman, dressed in black, has fled the scene and disappeared into the city. The BBC says a major security search is now underway for the gunman.

Early tweets referenced a shooting spree on Tuesday in Alabama USA, as well as last weekend's shooting deaths of British soldiers in Northern Ireland.

@fallenleaves (Norway) and once again, europe is following US trends. school shootings in germany

@augustjordan (London, England) It's too sad; shooting yesterday in US leaves 10 dead and seems today in Germany another 10 dead in a shooting.

@nubae (Austria) omg... school shooting in Germany now... getting close for comfort, it used to be this just happened across the pond...

@EarthLifeInst (Sweden) pressure at schools in Germany has become hardly bearable ... no wonder things explode

@vmrampulla (London, England) Shootings in NI, a shooting in a school in germany and a shooting spree in Alabama - all unecessary. How will politicians respond?

@thatbobsy (UK) Christ. Psychos in Germany, America and wannabe terrorists in Ireland. Tough week all round, guys. Pint at the weekend?

@tim_weber (London, England) School shooting in Germany ... a friend (& journalist) living nearby now speaks of 10 dead

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