April 25, 2009

Train ruins motor home in collision near San Francisco

According to multiple Twitterers, including journalists and emergency services in the San Francisco Bay Area, a Union Pacific train collided with a motor vehicle in Burlingame, Calif., Friday night.

@deancsmith, a local televisionographer, sent Breaking Tweets this TwitPic of the destroyed RV after the crash:

The San Mateo County Fire Dispatch provided the first tweet on the accident.

  1. FireDispatch.com
    FireDispatchSMC Traffic accident - train, BROADWAY/CALIFORNIA DR ,BRM (04/24/09 19:38:21)

One Twitterer was on board another Bay Area train service, Caltrain, and tweeted about unusual delays. He soon learned the reason and provided a feel for being on the tracks.

  1. DeusXMachina
    DeusXMachina Awesome. Random train delays and cryptic explanations over the PA system.
  2. DeusXMachina
    DeusXMachina Spoke too soon. Apparently my train is delayed because the train up the tracks hit a truck. No idea how long I'll be here.
  3. DeusXMachina
    DeusXMachina Ooh, ooh! Let's all look out the window as our train crawls past the tragedy. My species makes me ill.

Twitterers in the area, including journalists, provided additional information.

  1. sebastiankunz
    sebastiankunz UPDATE: Train hits motorhome in Burlingame at Broadway Ave Crossg. intersection as well as Caltrain service will be significantly delayed
  2. tess
    mtgarton Bummer, freight train hit a car in Burlingame tonight : ( @caltrain
  3. Jenny Zhu
    jennyzhu @mtgarton hopefully no one was hurt! i hopped off at the burlingame stop, but @jasoncr was on the train
  4. Zhanna Shamis
    Zhanna Freight train collided with an RV stuck on the tracks at Burlingame's Broadway station. No one hurt, thankfully. http://twitpic.com/3y1iq
  5. Brad Belstock
    bradbelstock Wait until you see this train accident in Burlingame. No one got hurt, but the pictures make you think differently.

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