April 25, 2009

Twitter campaign raises awareness about World Malaria Day

Per the Seattle Times, American celebrity Ashton Kutcher continues to lead a social media campaign on Twitter against malaria in Africa as today, April 25, is World Malaria Day. Recent anti-malaria campaigns have led to a 50 to 60 percent decline in deaths among children in nations like Zambia and Ethiopia, according to WHO statistics.

"World Malaria Day" has been trending on Twitter for hours, mostly with retweets of Kutcher (@aplusk), and social media leaders like @mashable and @kevinrose.

Here's a collection of tweets about the cause, showing that it is has no geographical boundaries:

  1. F. Quick
    quick13 (Minneapolis, Minn.) Regardless if you like Ashton Kutcher or not Today is World Malaria Day, great cause for awareness. http://is.gd/sI6Y
  2. Dr. Sos Chifiero
    BeMalariaFree2 (Nigeria) @Deepak_Chopra U are one of the best. April 25 is World Malaria Day. Pls kindly note the plight of 1.8 m African kids who die annually. Tk U
  3. Ahmed Naguib
    ahmednaguib (Cairo, Egypt) World Malaria Day: Tweet to Beat Malaria! http://ff.im/-2m3Lk
  4. Kyle Turner
    KyleTurnsOut (Sydney, Australia) everyone should donate to help buy nets for world malaria day!!! these mosquito nets save lives!
  5. Jeannine Rodriguez
    jeannrodr (Caracas, Venezuela) "World Malaria Day is Sat. April 25. I’m supporting Malaria No More’s fight to end malaria"
  6. Shashi Korla
    shashikorla (Dubai, U.A.E.) RT @aplusk We can wipe out a disease today get on board. 10$ saves a life Support World Malaria Day = http://bit.ly/30Io8 RT
  7. Kaush
    littledictator (London, U.K.) RT @mashable World Malaria Day: Tweet to Beat Malaria! http://tinyurl.com/dl2dcm (via @tweetmeme)
  8. Tekeste Sebhat
    tekeste1 (Beijing, China) RT @kevinrose: Every 30 seconds a child dies from Malaria. Nets save lives. Support World Malaria Day = http://bit.ly/30Io8 RT

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