April 25, 2009

World Health Organization concerned about swine flu

Per the Associated Press, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned various countries to watch for unusual flu breakouts after dozens of individuals within North America have died.

According to WHO Director-General Margaret Chen, the outbreak between Mexico and the United States caused it to become "public health emergency of international concern." Due to the decision, countries are required to keep surveillance on the disease.

Twitterers around the world are posting their reactions to the spread of swine flu:

  1. Christy Castellanos
    Christiannmarie (California) is kinda scared of the Swine Flu...damn you American media, you got me!
  2. Rebecca
    frenchiie (Dublin, Ireland) This whole Swine Flu is getting kind of scary.. I prefer people talking about the recession = (
  3. Trisha
    TrishaYA (Hawaii) Also, all this swine flu news makes me want to read a book about the flu. Alas, no library in my system has Winnie's War yet.
  4. Zadie
    zadie2 (Canada) is astonished that the unknown swine flu has edged out the odds-on favourite (bird flu) to reach level 4 pandemic status
  5. Luigi Cappel
    BluesBro (Auckland, New Zealand) Now that we have all forgotten about the bird flu, could be that the swine flu is worse as it spreads man to man http://tinyurl.com/cyjdr3
  6. JenniferLoeberHillis
    Bluesiren (New York) Swine flu outbreak at my former high school in Queens!
  7. Kneale Mann
    knealemann (Canada) All the reports of more cases of swine flu found today has convinced me that we should just stay in our homes. Avoid human contact.
  8. Quincy Bradley Dator
    piglet78 (New York) be careful... the swine flu has killed at least 68 people in mexico city... a pandemic is imminent
  9. Scott Fuller
    squires32 (Undisclosed) Anyone else paying attention to the swine flu outbreak? Mexico, Texas, Cali, NY, Kansas, London. This is a little freaky...

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