April 25, 2009

Downed balloon in Egypt injures 13 tourists

Per BBC, 13 foreign tourists were injured after their hot air balloon crashed into a cell phone tower while touring the Ancient Egyptian city of Luxor. The tourists are from France, England, Canada, Denmark and Korea.

Ballooning in Luxor has become popular among tourists, according to BBC. Twitterers in the last few weeks have written about their balloon excursions, and one Twitterer posted this TwitPic from Luxor less than two weeks ago:

TwitPic by @bodza of balloons in Luxor, April 12, 2009

This is not the first incident involving Luxor balloons, as three went down in separate incidents in late February, according to BBC. Twitterers quickly offered opinions of this latest incident.

  1. The Ottawa Ross
    ottaross (Ottawa, Canada) If you gotta get injured in a balloon accident it may as well be over Egypt's Valley of the Kings at sunrise rather than in Gatineau.
  2. andy nightingale
    4pixels (Surrey, U.K.) Is really glad he did his balloon ride over Luxor last year! Would not have the balls now. http://tinyurl.com/co72gm
  3. paulcox
    paulcox (South America) Be wary of hot air balloon rides in Egypt: http://tinyurl.com/crrqbc (via @bbcnews)
  4. Richard Stephenson
    richstep51 (California) Odd conjunction of old and new - cell phone tower hit near ancient Luxor: 16 tourists injured in Egypt balloon crash: http://ow.ly/3VY

Here's a collection of other Luxor tweets in recent days:

  1. Maribel Tirona
    BellaLibre (Las Vegas/Brussels) Chillin' on the Nile in Luxor...life ain't half bad,nope - not at all! Tomorrow a hot air balloon ride to the Valley of Kings!
  2. Sandwagon
    Sandwagon (Undisclosed) Awesome day in Luxor inc sunrise hot air balloon and 3 tombs at the Valley of the Kings. Summer has arrived here and heat is seriously on
  3. Katie Allen
    katiea48 (Undisclosed) We just got back from a hot air balloon ride over the valley of the kings in luxor egypt

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