April 24, 2009

Delta flight to Tel Aviv emergency lands in Boston

Per WCVB-5 in Boston, Delta Flight 086 bound from JFK Airport in New York to Tel Aviv, Israel, sustained an emergency landing at Logan Airport in Boston after a passenger apparently tried to break into the cabin area.

A passenger on the plane, @TalKeinan, provided the first tweets on this incident.

  1. Tal Keinan
    TalKeinan Just experienced my first emergency landing during my flight back to tel aviv
  2. Tal Keinan
    TalKeinan We were landed in Boston. Rumors is the plane are suggesting that someone tried to force himself into the pilot cabin.

WCVB-TV in Boston provided one of the first media reports on the incident, shortly after the @TalKeinan tweets, and it didn't take long for its reports to reach Twitter.

  1. Chris Conte
    chrisconte Breaking News: Delta Flight to Tel Aviv diverted to Logan after man tries to get in cockpit. Stay with NewsCenter 5 for updates...
  2. Alyfoley
    Alyfoley Someone tried to break into the cockpit of a delta flight from JFK to Tel Aviv( Isreal) and it landed at Logan #wackjob #wcvb ch 5 #delta

@TalKeinan also provided this update soon after his initial tweets.

  1. Tal Keinan
    TalKeinan News update from Delta flight 086. 5 guys were able to stop a crazy dude from enetring the pilot cabin.

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