April 24, 2009

Swine flu sparks fears of epidemic

Per the Guadalajara Reporter, at least 16 people have died among 60 confirmed cases of swine flu in Mexico, sparking fears of a larger epidemic. There have also been several confirmed cases of swine flu in the southern United States.

According to the article, Mexican Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova says the virus is believed to have "mutated from pigs and then at some point was transmitted to humans."

Some have been turning to Twitter about the news.

  1. Daphne Fullerton
    circlecf (Ennis, Texas) The current Swine Flu announcements are a very good use of the Twitter system! Rapid updates for an evolving infection outbreak.
  2. Recessionista
    NouveauCheap (San Diego, Calif.) Can someone in the twitterverse talk me down about swine flu? Seriously, being in San Diego, I'm afraid to leave my house now.
  3. AJ Habeeb
    AJ_The_Man (West Chester, Pa.) actly using Twitter for work! RT @CDCemergency CDC press conf rt now on Investig Human Cases of Swine Flu. Listen live http://bit.ly/bRQSG
  4. Chris Harrison
    Jabberwocky (Waipahu, Hawaii) First tweet of the day and I wanna make it good. New strain of swine flu discovered in Mexico. Don't even wanna know how you catch that.
  5. Tanya
    T_Sila (Undisclosed) wow, like five recent tweets on this Mexican swine flu outbreak.

A number of Twitterers in California, Texas and Mexico have voiced fear about the spread of swine flu:

  1. sue blunt
    blunt64 (California) SWINE FLU??????omg 60 people dead from it ?????should i even send my kid to school???????????
  2. Kristy H.
    KristyKitten (Solana Beach, Calif.) Ahhh, really not liking that San Diego is so close to Mexico right now. 60 dead from swine flu: http://tinyurl.com/c6sv6x
  3. Noah Brimhall
    nbrimhall (Guadalajara, Mexico) @LaChilangabacha I first thought "Swine flu, yeah right", but now that there might be 60 deaths, I'll just try not to freak out.
  4. Mauricio Manrique
    fremmedgorelse (Monterrey, Mexico) Swine flu kill 60 people in Mexico!? OMG haven't realised it was that dangerous!
  5. Brant Walker
    brant (San Diego, Calif.) ok, 4 people in San Diego have been infected with Swine Flu. [Expletive].
  6. Shirley Y. Jinkins
    shirlscribe (El Paso, Texas) Winding down the week, won't worry about the economy, swine flu, global warming, or the dreaded 2012. Nostradamus, take yourself a hike!

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