April 24, 2009

Minor earthquakes strike Los Angeles area

Per the Los Angeles Times, three small earthquakes shook Orange County, California, on Thursday evening, with most of the action around Los Angeles suburb Yorba Linda. The quakes registered at 3.8, 4.0, and 3.0 on the Richter Scale, per the Times.

Twitterers in Yorba Linda were quite active.

  1. Dan Edmunds
    actual_size (Yorba Linda, Calif.) Just had another earthquake here in yorba Linda. That's four in four hours, ranging from 3.0 to 4.0. Can we be done, please?
  2. anthony valverde
    thonynyc (Yorba Linda, Calif.) ANOTHER EARTHQUAKE !!! GOD SAVE ME I HATE CALI I HATE CALi
  3. Sondra Nason
    thepixelmom (Yorba Linda, Calif.) oh poop!!! another earthquake in yorba linda!! My 5 yo is even more freaked out!
  4. Kristi Davis
    KristiBug (Yorba Linda, Calif.) Was that another earthquake? *laughs nervously* I'm going crazy now

Some managed to mix local sporting events, a National Hockey League playoff game and Major League Baseball game, into their earthquake tweets.

  1. Sam Song
    Artisanwarrior (Irvine, Calif.) Did u feel it? Earthquake at Angels Stadium
  2. SheraP
    FeistyRedheadHB (Huntington Beach, Calif.) EARTHQUAKE!!!! That [expletive] is scary when youre in an arena full of people watching a hockey game!!!!
  3. Tyler Hill
    anaheimrules (Anaheim, Calif.) We just had an earthquake and the ducks scored
  4. Jared Head
    jaredhead (Downey, Calif.) Angels win! Hahaha! I was sitting editing and the Yorba Linda earthquake starting rolling our room. "Hey guys! It's like we're on a boat!"

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