April 24, 2009

Jacob Zuma elected president of South Africa

Per Telegraph.co.uk,, Jacob Zuma, leader of the African National Congress (ANC) is in fact the next president of South Africa. According to the Telegraph, "Zuma delighted thousands of revellers gathered outside the party's headquarters at Luthuli House in Johannesburg by dancing and singing with an energy that belied his 67 years."

Twitterers are expressing their thoughts on Zuma's latest victory.

  1. Louise Stoch
    LouiseStoch (Cape Town, South Africa) Ok....i guess we all have to face the fact... Jacob Zuma... is the new president...awesome. at least the western cape gets DA
  2. Mischa Franco
    8mischa8 (Cape Town, South Africa) Its a long weeeekend!!!!! Thank the heavens for public holidays! But thank hell for Jacob Zuma!
  3. Jennifer
    jenstjarnstrom (Undisclosed) Jacob Zuma (educate yourself) have been married at least 4 times, and has 18 kids w/ 7 different women. WOW.
  4. paulfreathy
    paulfreathy (South Africa) According to BBC British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called Jacob Zuma to congratulate him. Oh dear!
  5. Chris Terry
    CTerry1985 (Weymouth, England) Zuma Fact 1: Jacob Zuma was once on trial for rape. He was acquitted.
  6. Alec Schley
    aschley84 (Boston, Mass.) Disturbed but not surprised by the fact that Jacob Zuma is now President of South Africa. Are other people following the RSA election?

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