February 9, 2009

Paris bracing for severe storm

Per BBC News, Paris is making preparations for a severe winter storm with winds expected up to 75mph / 120kmph. Both of the city's airports have been closed as a precaution. The Guardian website also has this story.

Are you affected by the storm? Did your flight get canceled? Are you stranded at Charles de Gaul or Orly airports? Let us know! @breakingtweets

@FRANCE24 FRANCE: Storm shuts Paris airports: Paris airports have issued a storm warning .. tinyurl.com/aq6g3n The France24 English-language website has more information and a video report.

@marklin90210 (Paris, France) Storm in Paris, bike on its hook as thursday!

@MaJiKer Il faut du vent a Paris ce soir... in fact, BLUSTERY is the word. (It's windy in Paris this evening...)

@regebro (Paris, France) Storming in Paris tonight.

@Sir_William (Paris, France) so there should be a storm over Paris tonight. it's already quite windy.

@ervan (Paris, France):je pense que je vais mettre le scoot au garage ce soir ^^ ca serait bĂȘte qu'il tombe avec le vent (I think I'll put the scooter in the garage tonight ^ ^ It would be stupid to fall with the wind)

@lamar70 (Paris, France):getting ready to face nature's wrath: winds up to 130 km / h in Paris!

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