February 9, 2009

Australia fires: Media sources

The death toll from devastating wildfires in Australia has risen to at least 135. Here is a roundup of where to find the latest information online from Australian news sources:

@SkyNewsAust is tweeting the latest fire risks town by town. The Sky News website also has video on demand available.

@abcnews is tweeting bush fire news headlines.
The ABC website is covering this story in full, with an interactive map; photographs and dramatic video clips sent by viewers. The ABC website rounds out its coverage with a list of the most threatening fires and details of where lives were lost.

The Australian newspaper has comprehensive coverage of this ongoing story, including a personal account of escaping the fires; an extensive pop-up audio gallery; and correspondent Caroline Overington is twittering her work @overingtonc. You can also follow her blog here.

@theage is tweeting the fires story too. The Age website has all the latest stories including a comprehensive picture gallery with photographs submitted by readers.

@melheraldsun is new to twitter and haven't posted many updates. But The Melbourne Herald Sun online presence is more comprehensive, with a news video gallery; and messages of support sent in by website readers.

The Sydney Morning Herald doesn't seem to have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon yet, but has an interesting story about using new technology to find victims of the fires.

@vicfires (Victoria, Australia) is keeping on top of numerous twitter feeds including news, donations and comments.

And here's a sample of what Australian twitterers are saying about the fires, tweeting information about how to donate and help out, and showing concern for friends and family who might be caught in the bushfires.

@cfavolunteer: Is at Churchill fire flare up with South Australian crews. And Churchill fire. Thomsons road. twitpic.com/1egss

@suzypow (Leichhardt, New South Wales): Pretty devastated about the loss of life in Victoria

@coomernis (Sydney, Australia): VICTORIA. Over 7000 people lost their houses but are the happiest in the world as kept their lives

@hintswen (Keilor): RT @MelbTwestival Getting excited for #Twestival this Thursday http://melbourne.twestival.... Money going to Red Cross #Bushfire Appeal

@troyschirmer (Australia) RT @RebeccaLange :Save grocery shopping till Friday. Coles 2 donate ALL profit 13 Feb to Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund. Tell Friends

@kluublog (Melbourne, Australia) Some crazy idiot, threw a cig butt out of his window and could've caused a fire that took 2 lives. What an idiot!!

@sassycupcakes (Melbourne, Australia): I'll be up at Whittlesea CFA taking calls and helping out tomorrow, so all you lucky followers will be free of my insane twittering. : )

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