February 9, 2009

Dalai Lama account fake

His Holiness is not on Twitter after all. Just two hours ago, Twitter employee @caroline offered the following statement: "everyone who's wondering why @ohhdl was suspended. the official ohhdl in dharamsala, india informed us that @ohhdl is an impersonator. sorry"

The Dalai Lama account had amassed thousands of followers and plenty of buzz prior to its takedown, including a number of articles internationally about it such as this one by AFP.

The suspension of the account generated a significant response today.

@mikedunn (Bristol, U.K.): Can't even begin to imagine the terrible karma that'll befall whoever was impersonating the Dalai Lama.

@heartbreakingal (Pune, India): @RaviKapoor That's hardly surprising. The Dalai Lama is a monk; probably never used a computer let alone Twitter!

@sarahlane (San Francisco, Calif.): That Dalai Lama (@OHHDL) Twitter account was fake? Come on people, you do not impersonate His Holiness! Ever! What's wrong w you?

@shres (Mumbai, India): The Dalai Lama appears on Twitter, gets 15000+ followers in a day and vanishes the next day. @ohhdl seems to be an impersonator account.

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