February 9, 2009

Bomb explodes In Madrid

Per BBC News, A van packed with explosive has detonated near a conference center in eastern Madrid. It happened early Monday morning after the Basque separatist group ETA phoned in a warning to the Spanish Red Cross. No casualties have been reported.

@el_pais Spanish newspaper El Pais is on twitter and tweeting breaking news from the bombing. The El Pais website also has photos and video of the aftermath.

@joduba (Geneva, Switzerland): Social Media is more effective than traditional one, just learned via Twiiter of a boom blast in Madrid! What a crazy world!!!!

@loogic (Spain): mal día para venir a Madrid tinyurl.com/crvw68 (Bad day to come to Madrid)

@gabriellaopaz (Terrassa, Spain): Van exploded at 9am in Madrid in the same area where FITUR was held. http://bit.ly/3jxQNK

@mistercaceres (Caseres, Spain): Ferrovial, objetivo de ETA: Ferrovial, empresa frente a cuya sede en Madrid la banda terrorista ETA ha hecho est... tinyurl.com/daxsvc (Ferrovial [Spanish national railways], ETA's target: Ferrovial's Madrid headquarters has been...)

@rrey (Salamanca, Spain): Menudo susto me ha pegado esta mañana un amigo que trabaja por la zona del atentado... ¡nunca despertéis a nadie con un sms de bomba! (A friend of mine works in the area where the bomb struck this morning. Never wake anyone up with an SMS bomb!)

@ionantolin (Madrid, Spain): Viendo las fotos del coche-bomba en Flickr. (Looking at the pictures of the car bomb on Flickr)

@vitoptah: Mi sobrino "el periodista" me ha llamado a mi móvi,l después de su clase, para contarme el atentado del coche bomba en Madrid (My nephew, the journalist, called me after class to tell me about the car bomb in Madrid)

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