February 9, 2009

Obama promotes stimulus in first presser

Per CNN, President Barack Obama used his first prime-time address Monday "to make the case for his economic stimulus plan, saying this is not your 'run-of-the-mill recession.'"

Twitter was overloaded with 1,217 tweets containing the word "Obama" within the last hour, as #obama trended straight to No. 1 as a result of the address. That's an average of one tweet every three seconds.

Reaction was mixed, though the vast majority of tweets seemed to praise his performance. Here's a compilation of Twitter reaction just moments after his address concluded:

@funkeyflashback (Virginia Beach, Va.): Obama did his thing on the News conference

@jayoaks (Wheaton, Ill.): Press Conference final thoughts: Congress needs to pass the damn thing, and Obama's against steroids. Who knew?

@thekiwanian (Tucson, Az.): I enjoyed the presser, but personally I'm still optimistic... I'd like to see how this all ends up in late 2010 or so. #Obama

@camaguire (Washington, D.C.): I adore seeing DC locations on 24. Even though I heart Obama, I will miss the Bushisms.

@Galedawg (Madison, Wisc.): I am SO relieved to have Obama as President

@LisaGemini (Near Tampa, Fla.): Wow, I can't believe some reporter asked a question about A-Rod during the Obama conference. Who the hell cares? Ppl are out of work!

Some were critical of the address.

@MacGuges (Rochester, N.Y.): How depressing: http://tinyurl.com/bu6tjl Honestly, I didn't think Obama would disappoint me so quickly.

@kyleslattery (Bethlehem): Wasn't Obama's whole thing "hope instead of fear"? Then why's he trying to scare people into passing the stimulus bill?

@peterkay made this observation.

@peterkay (Honolulu, Hawaii) First time I used twitter search with (pound)Obama to watch what was going on. very cool. twitter: immediacy vs. Goog: archival

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