March 15, 2009

Twitter follows NASA shuttle launch

Hundreds of twitterers followed the launch of the NASA space shuttle Discovery this evening from Kennedy Space Center in Florida live on Twitter, using hashtags like #live, #shuttle, #nasa, #discovery, and #space.

An influx of TwitPics of the launch, from backyards to beaches in southern and central Florida, appeared to crash momentarily, but the site is now back up and running.

@jefferygilbert (Orlando, Fla.): Just watched shuttle launch from Orlando. Awesome!

@LisaH (Sarasota, Fla.): - OMFG! MY BACKYARD!!!!!!!

@Tim846 (Sarasota, Fla.): the view of STS119 from Sarasota!

@heathscott (Ocala, Fla.): One of the benefits of living in Florida. SPACE ROCKETS!!!

@imajeanyus (Tampa, Fla.): - This is how clear I can see the shuttle launch. Awesome!!!

Links to live streaming video of the shuttle launch also made there way around Twitter, such as this one, which was retweeted several times:

@motionblur (Canada): Watch the Space Shuttle launch live right now: #nasa

The stream produced this image as a result of the sunlight:

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