March 15, 2009

A Day In Jakarta

A snapshot via tweets, here's how people are spending their Sunday in one of the world's largest cities, the capital of Indonesia:

@kellytangoi (Jakarta, Indonesia): Had a wonderful late breakfast. Homemade fried rice and chocolate cake.

@vmahmud (Jakarta, Indonesia): Gosh, Fatahila Museum amock with teens and their cameras. Group photo! The narciss generation!

@riotradio (Jakarta, Indonesia): feeling a bit queasy. hope there won't be too many people at Poins Square. and the sun is just blazin' amazin' :(

@erryerry (Jakarta, Indonesia): Wind, sun & Trees... Just a cozy sunday 4 me!

@VodooFreak (Jakarta, Indonesia): Studying for my geography test ! Aghh..! Damn !! Bwahahaha X(

@sandyjaya (Jakarta, Indonesia): Going to my lovly church

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