March 15, 2009

New Bin Laden tape surfaces

Per Al Jazeera, al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden called the Israeli offensive in Gaza a "holocaust" and criticized some Arab leaders for not doing enough in the conflict in the latest audio tape attributed to him.

It appears Twitter may have broken this story for some. These two tweets popped up from journalists before the news had gone mainstream:

@W7VOA (New Delhi, India): Looks like another Osama bin Laden audio tape is coming out today.

@jimsciuttoABC (Zimbabwe): Al Jazeera airing new bin laden audio tape

Reaction to the tape was strong in the United States.

@sondosia (Beavercreek, Ohio): If Bin Laden thinks Israel's offensive on #Gaza was a holocaust, I wonder what he thinks of 9/11?

@BeckaBella (Georgia): We've spent how many trillions in Iraq?...And Bin Laden is still making movies!

@jenciTN (Jackson, Tenn.): Dear Osama Bin Laden: SHUT THE F UP! (that's all) (sorry for the strong language folks, hope you understand)

@david_a_stein (Orange County, Calif.): Well he is back, looks like Bin Laden has released a new tape, this time calling for worldwide jihad.

A twitterer in Germany wondered about Bin Laden's method of communication.

@doestrei (Mittweida, Germany): N24 berichtet Bin Laden hat sich per Audiobotschaft gemeldet. Haben die kein Twitter in den pakistanischen Höhlen? (N24 Bin Laden has been reported with the audio message. Do not Twitter in the caves of Pakistan?)

Global Post has a video of the audio recording on its Web site with English subtitles.

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