March 14, 2009

Pakistan bans access to Geo TV

Per The Hindu, the Pakistani government blocked access to private television station Geo TV in some parts of the country after it apparently took a political stance at odds with the government in an ongoing legal battle.

Many twitterers in Pakistan voiced their displeasure with the move.

@zeeshan_ahmed (Pakistan): Alas! Geo TV has been banned again, yet again that is...

@HamzaZafar (Karachi, Pakistan): Zardari has finally signed his resignation by banning GEO TV! Nice! One more reason to kick him out

@abidbeli Geo TV transmission have been banned in several major cities in Pakistan by the so called democratic government of General Zardari.

Some tweeted a workaround for those who couldn't access the station.

@fitalnamsu (Lahore, Pakistan): You can stream Geo TV on internet here: #LongMarch

@awaisnaseer (Rawapindi, Pakistan): Watch high quality Geo TV in stand alone Media Player. Click or paste this link in your browser #LongMarch

Apparently, Geo TV wasn't the only station to have its plug pulled. Two others disappeared at least momentarily, according to Twitter users.

@SaadSaeed (Lahore, Pakistan): Can't seem to find BBC or CNN on my cable tv. #Lahore

@aamir7 (Islamabad, Pakistan): @SaadSaeed same here... removed! gonna find some alternate

@SaadSaeed later tweeted that the stations returned.

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