March 16, 2009

FMLN wins election in El Salvador

Per the El Paso Times, leftist candidate Mauricio Funes won El Salvador's presidential election on Sunday, effectively ending two decades of conservative rule in the nation and bringing the FMLN - a party of former guerrillas - to power.

Breaking Tweets found that most twitterers who commented on the election celebrated its results.

@ciskosv (Santa Ana, El Salvador): Well, the Salvadoran people speak! Really truly a civic celebration, so forward El Salvador!

@kingconejo (San Salvador, El Salvador): THE FMLN ACTUALLY WON THE ELECTION! Wish I was partying in Suchitoto instead of alone here.

@AdrianaLemus (San Salvador, El Salvador): El Salvador has a new president. The people have spoken. There was a change for democracy at last :D

@sagotmontse (Costa Rica): Ver ganar al FMLN en El Salvador es como sentir que finalmente la guerra se resolvió y que se hizo justicia #elecciones2009 (View FMLN win in El Salvador is like to feel that the war was finally resolved and that justice was done #elecciones2009)

@cafe_con_leche (Los Angeles): FMLN's expected win today has been LONG awaited!!!

One Twitter user in El Salvador provided election-related tweets throughout the day.

@Alexanndra (El Salvador): # - Hace media hora ejercí mis derechos... y me dejaron neeegro el dedo xD ( - About half an hour exercising my rights ... and left me black finger xD)

@Alexanndra: #eleccion2009 Sigue tráfico paralizado en Soyapango. Hace 2 horas hay embotellamiento en el sector de Unicentro y Plaza España (#eleccion2009 still paralyzed traffic in Soyapango. 2 hours ago there are bottlenecks in the sector and Unicentro Plaza España)

@Alexanndra: #eleccion2009, nuestro amigo el Garrobo reportando en su blog, desde San Miguel: (Un poco jocosa la nota) (#eleccion2009, our friend Garrobo reporting on his blog, from San Miguel: (A little note in jest))

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