March 16, 2009

Austria incest trial starts

UPDATE> Thursday 19th March Per BBC News, Josef Fritzl has been found guilty and sentenced to life in prison after changing his plea to guilty in all charges.

Per Deutsche Welle, the trial has started in Austria of Josef Fritzl. Fritzl is accused of keeping his daughter locked in a cellar beneath his home for 24 years, and fathering seven children with her. The Saarbruecker Zeitung reports that Fritzl has already made a partial confession - admitting guilt to charges of incest, imprisonment, assault and rape but denying a murder charge.

Thousands of Twitter users have written about this case today - interestingly, some of the most insightful have come from outside the German-speaking Twitterverse.

@juliareid21 Is an online journalist with Britain's Sky News. She is tweeting live from the scene outside the court house, posting photos and linking to blog entries too. Follow her updates throughout the day. One recent (gruesome) tweet & picture:

Plastic blood stained dolls litter the path outside the Fritzl court. Remains of the strangest demo we've seen

@ewantoo (Manchester, England) Think there'll be a big rise in bank robberies using a folder as a disguise? Josef Fritzl arrives at court

@WintersNight (Bronx, USA) i had no idea who Josef Fritzl was until this morning. . . is it cause i'm dense? or because the US News sucks? i will endevour to find out

@vctrjmnz (London, England) RT @pressgazette: 3,000 reporters arrive for secret Josef Fritzl trial / Whatever happened to that G20 summit...

@clairebrown (Hull, England) Josef Fritzl's lawyer says that Fritzl is "a human being not a monster". Really? Come on now.

@ToreHolmem (Oslo, Norway) Ftitzl covered his face in a book. Fritzl is scared. Fritzl sneezed. Fritzl is in all of us, but let's not talk about that.

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