March 7, 2009

Obama to reverse stem cell ban on Monday

Per Reuters, President Barack Obama will lift restrictions on federal funding for stem cell research by executive order on Monday. Former President George W. Bush banned spending government money on stem cell research during his term. Scientists say stem cell research will contribute to medical breakthroughs, but religious groups are in opposition to the restrictions being lifted.

A variety of reactions came from the Twitterverse:

NicoleBender (Vienna, Va.): is once again proud of our president: he's lifting the ban on fed funding for stem cell research on Mon!

johnbirch2 (Undisclosed): all this means is that the taxpayer will now pay for stem cell research

WPaul (Toronto, Canada): Irritated that progress is being made w/non-embryonic stem cell research but Obama's still going to rescind Bush's ban.

zrosen88 (Undisclosed): BEST. NEWS. EVER. Obama to reverse embryonic stem cell ban.

autumnsbreeze (Oklahoma): Stem Cell Research, I'm not so sure about this. I know it helps people, but destroying embryos makes me feel sick. Any thoughts?

vincenttjoachim (Calgary): Is not down with Obama making stem cell research legal...cloning is one step away

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