March 6, 2009

Kenyans outraged over death of activists

Per The Standard, Kenyans expressed public outrage over Thursday's murders of prominent campaigners against illegal police killings in Nairobi. The murders spurred demonstrations earlier today.

Kenyan police used tear gas at protesting students at one demonstration, per Reuters.

A Twitter user in Nairobi observed:

@intelligensia (Nairobi, Kenya): Nairobi University Students on state house road. Riot police on the scene.

Unidentified gunmen killed Kamau Kingara and Paul Oulo while their car was standing in traffic near State House, the official residence of the Kenyan president. Kingara was the director of the Oscar Foundation which, hours before the murders, was accused of being a front and a fund-raising body for a banned criminal sect called the Mungiki, per BBC.

Human rights groups blame the Kenyan police for the murders, but the police commissioner denied any police involvement.

Twitterers expressed their concerns about Nairobi's unstable climate:

@reachafrica (Kenya): Pray for peace in Nairobi. It's getting intense in town and we are on a very strict travel advisory.

@rhamdu (location unknown): Mungiki demo, then killing of 2 campaigners against police murders. No wonder Nairobi friends nervous yesterday

@Rombokins (location unknown): Kenyans now get to choose their poison: Police or Mungiki?

@kenyanpundit (Johannesburg, South Africa): Two civil society activists shot dead by police in broad daylight in Nairobi. WTF?! Police state creeping in...

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