March 6, 2009

Web editor arrested In Thailand

Per BBC, police in Bangkok arrested the editor of a political website on charges of publishing content that threatens Thailand's national security.

Thai police entered the offices of Prachatai with an arrest warrant for Chiranuch Premchaiporn, the woman who founded the popular on-line news organization five years ago.

The charge carries a maximum five-year jail sentence, stated by BBC.

Thailand's King Bhumibol, Picture Courtesy of USA Today

Twitter users in Bangkok voiced their disapproval and try to organize protest:

dragonmeteor: (Bangkok, Thailand) media oppression is rampant. all hell has broken loose.

baramunchies:(Bangkok, Thailand) i think to arrest prachatai editor was a bad mistake. that will drive people to join the red i thousands.

andrewspooner: (Undisclosed) More blogger arrests in Thailand - please register protests with your local Thai embassy

@zybernav: (Undisclosed) Is downed?

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