March 6, 2009

Ghana celebrates Independence Day

Per Voice of America, the Republic of Ghana is celebrating its 52nd anniversary of its independence from British rule Friday.

In 1957, Ghana became the first sub-Saharan country to free itself from colonial rule. It is known as the "Black Star" of Africa and has been holding democratic elections since 1992. Day-long festivities are planned, including a national parade to be attended by President John Evans Atta Mills.

Twitterers in Ghana and beyond voiced their celebration.

@mensah (Ghana): Good morning all. It's holiday in Ghana. We are celebrating our independence anniversary.

@DJAbrantee (London): happy Ghana Independence Day 52 years baby

@edakrong (Philadelphia): @nanakwabena Happy Independence day!!! Long live Ghana our motherland...

@eokyere (Accra, Ghana): happy independence day ghana peeps, nice one @disterics; followed the code to this

@disterics (Bay Area): Emacs wiki reminded me that it is already independence day in the motherland. Happy Indepedence Day. (

@mensah told Breaking Tweets editor @ckanal about some of the nation's plans to celebrate the holiday.

@mensah (Ghana): @ckanal There is going to be a big national parade. After that merry making at the beach, visit to tourist sites at country side etc :-)

Read more about the day from Forbes, Modern Ghana, Joy Online and the Ghanian Times.

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