March 7, 2009

India's election candidacy expands

Per The Times of India, The BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) announced 46 more names to be included in the upcoming Lok Sabha (House of the People) elections.

Among the names are high profile candidates well known to India's population and relatives of already existing BJP leaders. The elections will be held in April and May, per the Indian Elections Web site.

The upcoming elections have been a hot topic lately on Twitter. Many are tweeting their thoughts with the hashtag #IndiaVotes09.

@LokeshAwasthy (Mumbai, India): hope to get my Voter Id done in this trip to Jabalpur,bt no [expletive] candidate whom I can vote,we must have a vote against option #IndiaVotes09

@abhilash (Paris, France): Reading party manifestos and the likes for the coming India General Elections. #IndiaVotes09

@mudittuli (New Delhi, India): BJP needs to mobilize these RSS workers, if they really want to win and take india to new heights. #indiavotes09

shahpriya (Mumbai, India): I hope the elections are carried out safely ... #indiavotes09

b50 (Mumbai, India): I am just SUPER THRILLED with all the campaigns to get voters registered. Indian Express + Janaagraha = iCount! Hah ! #IndiaVotes09

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