March 7, 2009

Guinea-Bissau president, chief of staff killed

Per, the West African nation of Guinea-Bissau has experienced one of the most stressful weeks in recent history after the assassination of its president, Joao Bernardo Vieira, and his chief of staff of the Armed Forces, Tagme Na Wai.

A twitterer in neighboring Senegal retweeted an article from someone in Washington, D.C., then added context from the region in parentheses.

@malaidea: RT @bloodandmilk Guinea Bissau assassinations, who did it? (also: bomb is not "traditional" in West Africa)

Another in Senegal tweeted pictures from the house of former President Vieira.

@rignese (Dakar, Senegal): Pressafrik , senegal (Photos atroces) Guinée Bissau: dans la maison dévastée de Nino Vieira:.. (Pressafrik, senegal (Photos atrocious) Guinea Bissau: In the devastated house of Nino Vieira: ..

A Ghanan twitterer had difficulty even tweeting about the developments.

@ust2izy (Kumasi, Ghana): @obaasima Fustrating,huh. I didn't tweet about Guinea Bissau cos I felt, not again, more fuel for the 'War Africa' image. Sick of 'em...

Some in Western Europe also reflected on the news.

@mfrancopt (Lisbon, Portugal): Como é possivel que ninguem tente saber quem assassinou o Presidente da Guine Bissau (How can anyone know who assassinated the President of Guinea Bissau)

@batistasemp (Algarve, Portugal): O Nino Vieira morreu no domingo, e só o vão enterrar amanhã. Imagino o cheiro, a esta hora já está cozido, os vermes agradecem o petisco. (Vieira died on Sunday, and just go bury tomorrow. Imagine the smell, at this time is already cooked, the worms welcome the snack.)

@MStreibhardt (Münster, Germany): Afinal o que terá acontecido na realidade a Nino Vieira? terá sidomorto ou sequestrado? (So what actually has happened to Nino Vieira? have been killed or kidnapped?)

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