May 5, 2009

Top U.S. officials predict recession to end in 2009

Per The Daily Telegraph, two top U.S. officials believe the recession will be over by the end of the year. The thoughts were supported by recent housing and construction data, which suggests the worst may be over as the S&P 500 stock moved into the positives' territory.

Jeffrey Lacker, Richmond Federal Reserve President, believes that the stimulus injected into the economy, combined with the resilience of U.S. customers, will stimulate growth by year's end. Thomas Hoenig, Kansas City Federal Reserve President, predicts it will take most of 2009 to get out of the recession before a slow and steady recovery in 2010.

Twitterers in the United States and elsewhere expressed their views on the topic:

  1. angelinafoster
    angelinafoster (San Jose, Calif.) Recession is coming to an end??? I hope so...
  2. vajira ekanayake
    vajja (Colombo, Sri Lanka) So, recession is going to end in 2009 itself !!! , hope these Fed guys know what they r talking !!!
  3. PeterSantilli
    PeterSantilli (Southern California) @kylesellers If you think the USA is going to "pull out of this recession" during your lifetime, you must be an optimistic meth dealer
  4. randysvh
    randysvh (Seattle, Wash.) Change your buying habits to support the USA economy. Otherwise save your money as you are going to need it later, when the recession grows
  5. americanwoman35
    americanwoman35 (Miami, Fla.) Small American businesses need your help! Buy American, Vacation in the USA, help us fight this recession!
  6. Kate Mullen
    BellMullen (Dubai, U.A.E.) Sitting in the office, waiting for my day to really start - I hate the recession

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