May 5, 2009

Georgia claims attempted coup at military base

Per Reuters, the defense ministry of Georgia accused Russia of a planned coup shortly after soldiers at a military base rebelled near Tbilisi.

CNN reports that the rebellion involved about 500 troops and it was quickly brought under control, according to Interior Ministry spokesman Shota Utiashvili. There was not “direct evidence” to suggest outside involvement, according to CNN.

A journalist in London provided the first tweet on the incident, which was soon followed by a Twitterer in Tbilisi posting a blog entry in Georgian:

  1. samgadjones
    samgadjones (London, U.K.) #Georgia Defense Min: Military Coup Under Way - Reuters ... no sign of Twitter revolution yet, a la Moldova...
  2. Mirian Toronjadze
    BigCrow (Tbilisi, Georgia) Military armed revolt in #Georgia #tbilisi :

Initial reaction soon came in from around the world in the form of tweets, including additional context from CNN News Editor Saeed Ahmed:

  1. Saeed Ahmed
    CNNSaeed (Atlanta, Ga.) #Georgia attempted mutiny quashed. Goal was to disrupt NATO exercises beginning tomorrow
  2. florian avdic
    floco (Germany) weiterer pr-coup? RT @Gudat: RT @reutersfeeds: #reuters #news Georgia says uncovers Russian-planned military coup
  3. den.
    lepetitvagabond (Singapore) Breaking news from Georgia? Must be some Ruskie plot.
  4. 陈震
    Chen_Zhen (Jiangsu, China) Georgia has uncovered an attempted military coup.this [expletive] will never occur here in china where army serve party

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