May 5, 2009

Pakistani government asks Swat citizens to flee region

Per The Times of India, Pakistani officials asked Swat residents to evacuate Mingora, the main city in the Swat Valley which is now controlled by the Taliban. This request for evacuation comes one day after Pakistani government and the Taliban declared their peace deal " stands dissolved," according to the article.

Armed Taliban fighters are patrolling the area, clashing with Pakistani security forces and over 500,000 refugees are expected to flee the region, according to AP reports.

Tweets on this occurrence reflect rage, confusion and attempts to clarify the situation to others.

  1. sadya
    maverika (Karachi, Pakistan) @Refugees do u have any official numbers on the displaced people of the Swat & Dir region in Pakistan?
  2. PriyaRaju
    PriyaRaju (Chennai, India) Taliban bastards are taking over Swat. Remember Mullah Omar, CIA & ISI? Yeah, the madcap that you helped in the past.
  3. Imran Anwar
    imrananwar (Lahore, Pakistan) @Chicagoeba There is a difference between Taliban insurgency in some region and Taliban "invading" Pakistan

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