May 2, 2009

May Day protests spark violence across Europe

Per the Financial Times, demonstrations turned violent in city streets across Europe yesterday, as thousands of protesters voiced their discontent with the current state of the economy. Some of the worst incidents occurred in Germany, Greece and Turkey, where clashes between demonstrators and police occurred.

Many Europeans also found time to tweet about their May Day experiences, posting observations and TwitPics to put a personal touch on the news.

In Germany:

  1. Irina Enders
    IrinaEs (Berlin, Germany) today in berlin, the police arrested a man who hail-hitlered the anti-nazi demo outside his house. old berlin-made may day tradition.
  2. Alexander Ljung
    alexanderljung (Berlin, Germany) uh oh, now bottles, stones and fire crackers are being thrown at the police (& random other targets)
  3. Thomas Bremser
    TB09 (Berlin, Germany) Survived Berlin-Kreuzberg today!First it was fun all along,then it just went mad - stones and bottles and panic and I was right there, crazy

In France:

  1. Vesna Gerintes
    holychic (Paris, France) All the peepl in Paris are on the street today to demonstrate at May Day protest. TU @maopapa for the pics #paris
  2. Ines Horneij
    ineshorneij (Paris, France) went to the protest at the bastille today. it was [expletive]. a bunch of people wearing sandals and playing drums. france sucks. :(

In England:

  1. Martin Smith
    martinrsmith (London, U.K.) It must be May Day // Student protest ambles past // Nice weather for it
  2. Russel Caulfield
    RWC1 (London, U.K.) May day protest trotting by the office
  3. Stefan Carter
    stefan171 (London, U.K.) Oh go on, here's a picture from the bank of enlgnad may day protest

In the Netherlands:

  1. Patrick Simpson
    pndsimpson (Den Haag, Netherlands) Working on this fine Mayday. Can someone riot on my behalf? I'm against everything. so take you pick. Much appreciated.
  2. Smoke
    SmokeRH (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Everythin going easy at 1 may demo in Rdam - some police, some on horses, no presence yet of riot cops

In Greece:

  1. tsimitakis
    tsimitakis (Athens, Greece) Το μπλόκ των αναρχικών με πολιτικά χαρακτηριστικά, χωρίς βίαια στοιχεία (όπως δείχνει), χωρίς κουκούλες, ακολουθείται απο μεγάλη αστυνομική (The bloc of anarchists with political characteristics, without violent elements (as shown) without hoods, followed by large police)
  2. Anastasia Kapsali
    kapsali (Athens, Greece) Greek police fire tear gas in May Day protest clash

In Turkey:

  1. Frederike Geerdink
    fgeerdink (Istanbul, Turkey) authorities finally gave permission for unions to gather at taksim square for may 1 celebrations, thousands of people gather now, #istanbul
  2. Lawrence B
    ldbster (Istanbul, Turkey) watching 1st May riots from my balcony in cihangir. Cihangir Cad. is kind of trashed.

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