May 2, 2009

Violence escalates in Karachi, Pakistan

Per Dawn in Pakistan, three more people have been killed today in Karachi, where violence the last four days has been on the rise. At least 37 have died since Wednesday in what local officials have attributed to ethnic tensions.

Karachi Twitterers have been discussing the spike in violence, which has mostly consisted of shootings:

  1. madsat
    pakjourno (Karachi, Pakistan) Editing story on recent Karachi violence. When you look at the root causes, this is something that will take years to fully resolve.
  2. Umair Khan Jadoon
    jadoon88 (Karachi, Pakistan) people of #karachi don't get fooled by the word talibinazation attatched to the violence. Its something else.
  3. Jamal Ashiqain
    Jamash (Karachi, Pakistan) Violence, unrest, firing, bloodshed # Karachi had been chaotic all day - very little signs that tomorrow will be peaceful :s
  4. Yousuf Khan
    ucofkan (Karachi, Pakistan) i've heard of "shootings" before but "gun attacks" are new
  5. Salman Siddiqui
    sid_iij (Karachi, Pakistan) the senseless violence in karachi continues. the victims r all the poor and the innocent, young and old:

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