May 1, 2009

Small earthquake shakes Los Angeles area

Per the USGS, a 4.4 magnitude earthquake shook the Los Angeles area Friday evening at 6:11 local time.

Twitterers quickly reported the quake, accounting for 1,095 "earthquake" tweets in 10 minutes. @seanpercival beat everyone to the punch with the first tweet:

  1. sean percival
    seanpercival (Los Angeles, Calif.) earthquake

Here were some of the other first tweets:

  1. erik tokle
    etokle (Los Angeles, Calif.) Cue up the earthquake tweets.
  2. Michael Nease
    nease (Manhattan Beach, Calif.) Just went through my 2nd earthquake on the 16th Story... It was a small one.
  3. Mikael
    mikaelgm (Los Angeles, Calif.) Earthquake. These are becoming troubling.
  4. LearningNerd
    LearningNerd (Los Angeles, Calif.) Is it just me or was there just an earthquake in Los Angeles? It felt more like a tree fell on my house or something, though. Just checking.
  5. Saquina Akanni
    saquinaakanni (Ranchos Palos Verdes, Calif.) anybody feel that... we just had an earthquake - real shaker!
  6. OCPaleocon
    OCPaleocon (Irvine, Calif.) Saw "Earthquake" pop up on my Twitter feed, a second before I felt it. Weird!
  7. Anton Perez
    antonperez (Los Angeles, Calif.) just experienced an earthquake while at the office. Good thing it wasn't strong.
  8. seanjohn81
    seanjohn81 (Los Angeles, Calif.) yes we had an earthquake and yes i am safe :) (that's mainly for my family cause i know the rest of you don't care)

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