April 21, 2009

Violence in Kenya kills 24

Per Reuters UK, At least 24 people were killed in central Kenya when members of the outlawed Mungiki gang, known as Kenya's version of the mafia according to Reuters UK, clashed with residents of the "Kirinyaga district out of Karatina" on Tuesday morning.

According to Rueters the gang is known for mutilations and beheadings. Per BBC, "the residents of Karatina decided to fight back because the sect had been extorting money from local people."

Twitterers from Nairobi share their frustration about the Mungiki sect.

  1. Chris Kamande
    tafrijaplayer (Nairobi, Kenya) Is it ok for the locals in Karatina to lynch the Mungiki scoundrels?! Sad but its the only way to clean them out after our police failed ...
  2. Mzungu Chick
    lostwhitekenyan (Nairobi, Kenya) 411. 24 people killed overnight as Karatina residents battle Mungiki insurgents. Police say those killed on either side remains unclear
  3. Mzungu Chick
    lostwhitekenyan (Nairobi, Kenya) The wanainchi are fighting the mungiki whilst our politicians bitch and moan and achieve nothing, and they call this democracy
  4. kainvestor
    kainvestor (Nairobi, Kenya) what will happen with that vigilante group thats killing mungiki sect member now once they eliminate them completely? they become mungiki!!

Twitter users are already expressing their feelings on this recent development.

  1. iansplashturner
    iansplashturner (UK) I always forget how hard life must be in Kenya where the potential for violence must hang over you every day http://bit.ly/Cf7cS
  2. Teddy Chenya
    tchenya (Entasopia, Nguruman) dozens killed in kenyan violence http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/8009512.stm some leader to stand up and lead Kenya
  3. SWMaina
    swmaina RT @dailynation: (Nairobi) 25 dead in Kenya violence http://tinyurl.com/c5d7ss [#Mungiki]
  4. zalsio
    zalsio (Undisclosed) can the Kenyan Government do something on Mungiki

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