April 21, 2009

Israel observes moment of silence for Holocaust victims

Per YNet News, sirens sounded throughout Israel at 10 a.m. local time today, giving the signal for Israelis to observe a two-minute moment of silence to remember the lives that were lost during the Holocaust.

Some Twitterers in Israel took note of the pause in their daily life.

  1. leorah weinstein
    LeorahWeinstein (Herzliya, Israel) standing in silent remembrance of holocaust victims inc. own family Franz and Olga Kahn, David, Leah and Cilly Edelstein Otto Friedler
  2. Ouriel Ohayon
    OurielOhayon (Tel Aviv, Israel) 1 minute of silence in all israel in remembrance of the jewish holocaust
  3. mikeeisenberg
    mikeeisenberg (Jerusalem, Israel) 2 minute siren of silence for victims of holocaust just ended. Can the world silence ahmadinejad?
  4. Gary Arndt
    EverywhereTrip (Tel Aviv, Israel) The Holocaust Remembrance siren went off. Everyone stops what they are doing and stands still for 2 min
  5. Lisha Sterling
    lishevita (Tel Aviv, Israel) It doesn't matter that I *know* there will be a siren at 10am on Holocaust memorial day. It still takes me by surprise every time.
  6. ASoldiersMother
    ASoldiersMother (Jerusalem, Israel) All we can do is learn from the Holocaust.

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