April 21, 2009

Conflict in Sri Lanka continues

Per CNN, the deadline for Tamil Tiger Rebels in northern Sri Lanka has passed as the rebel sources are claiming civilian casualties to be 1,000 people. The Sri Lankan military has claimed that they have rescued close to 35,000 people that had been trapped in a government safe zone. Sri Lanka has been battling the Tigers for 25 years now, which has been declared a terrorist organization by 32 countries.

Some in the Twitterverse are saddened by the ongoing events:

  1. C. Enrique Ortiz
    eortiz (Austin, Texas) hope the best to the people but especially the *children* of Sri Lanka who are trapped in the middle of civil war - http://bit.ly/lYEoh
  2. Rajini Bastians
    rethi (Location not listed) Whats going to happen to Sri Lanka now....
  3. Nish Matthews
    CoachNish (Canada) I was born in Sri Lanka and I am ashamed that they are still fighting over there. I have been raised since I was 5 in Canada.love this place

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